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Inspection Services
  • Pre-Purchase Property Inspection

  • The visual inspection of a residential building and site. Identification of items that influence the past, present or future stability and serviceability of a building and its elements.  The inspection should assist a prospective purchaser in making an informed decision about making an offer or bid at auction or to make a decision within the "cooling off " period under the provisions of a Contract.
  • Post Purchase Property Inspection 

  • Inspection after purchase and before commencing remodelling, extensions or repairs.  The inspection helps to identify priorities required to achieve or maintain the stability and amenity of an existing property while accommodating any proposed alterations or additions.
  • Pre Sale Property Inspection 

  • Service no longer offered.
Other Report and Inspection Services
  • Building Problem Analysis

  • Evaluation of problems such as cracking, rising damp, salt damp, roof deflection, Site drainage etc.
    Recommendations are made to reduce or prevent further problems or to remove the source of problems and to make appropriate and economic repairs.
  • Building Dilapidation Report

  • The report details structural and cosmetic defects prior to the commencement of projects on neighbouring properties. (eg.. blasting, heavy construction work or extensive excavation).   When projects are undertaken which have the potential to cause damage to neighbouring properties the project manager or owner often seeks to have a report of the condition of neighbouring properties prepared.   If a neighbour makes a claim against the project manager or owner then the dilapidation report is used as a benchmark to assess the extent of any damage.
  • Building Contract Evaluation

  • Assessment of documents (plans, specifications, soil report, contract etc.) prior to signing a building contract.  Documents are reviewed before meeting with the client.  Recommendations are made and alterations to the proposed documents are suggested.  Where suggestions are taken up they may be incorporated into the contract reducing costs and delays involved in variations during the progress of a job.  Levels of paving, types of termite treatment, methods of water disposal, internal area zoning and retaining walling are examples of items that may have long term cost and maintenance consequences.
  • Construction Staged Inspections 

  • Inspection during the progress of construction.  The inspections usually coincide with a staged claim by the builder.  A report is issued recommending payment of the builder's claim if the work is in accordance with the contract documents.  (Note: see Contract evaluation report above).
  • Building Handover Inspection

  • Inspection on completion of Contractual works and transfer of possession of the Building from Builder to Owner and final payment to the Builder.  (Note: see Contract evaluation and Construction Staged inspection reports above).
  • 90 day Maintenance Inspection

  • Inspection of a new building prior to the expiry of the usual 90 day Maintenance period.
  • Warranty expiry inspection

  • Inspection prior to the expiry of the Statutory Warranty period for Domestic construction.  Note: The inspection should be carried out well before the expiry of the Warranty.
  • Lessee/Lessor Exit/Entry Inspection

  • Inspection at the time of transfer of Lease.  The inspection report may form part of the lease agreement or be the basis of negotiations by the parties.  The report may be prepared in response to a report by another consultant or as an independent expert report.
  • Tax Building Cost Assessment

  • The estimate of the cost of Building of a particular Building at a given time, usually for Taxation purposes.
  • Housing Improvement Act Declarations

  • Report upon the validity of a notice of an intention to declare a property "sub-standard" under the provisions of the Housing Improvement Act.  The inspection seeks to identify the sources of the items which are the subject of the notice. The report recommends the most cost effective methods of rectification to comply with any valid items in an order.
Dispute Resolution
  • Arbitration

  • Mediation and Conciliation

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    Updated: 30/06/2005

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